SEO Hero Leaked

Shocking Revelation in SEO Hero Challenge

Gerald Duck has been working closely with Penrod Shero during the WiX SEO Hero Challenge and last night he prepared a private page where the Gerald Duck and Penrod Shero SEO Hero would be displayed.

Have French Hackers Discovered the Identity of The Penrod Shero SEO Hero?

Whilst checking our web stats this morning we noticed various attempt to gain access to this private page from numerous IP's which we tracked back to Paris.

On closer examination it looks like they may have gained access to the page as we also noticed an increase in searches for the SEO Hero we have named.

We also saw the name associated with SEO Hero on some Past 24 hours searches on Google and can only assume that our SEO Hero has been leaked.

SEO HERO Leaked but Not Revealed - seoheroleaks

Fortunately, we had only used a nickname and had a bit of boilerplate info and Lorem Ipsum on the page so no real damage has been done.

Let this be a warning to other SEO Hero Competitors out there, don't assume that content you have on private pages or password protected pages is secure - There are prying eyes everywhere in the SEO Hero Challenge.

Be careful and make sure your SEO Hero doesn't appear on seoheroleaks or other corners of the Dark Web #seoheroleaks
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